The only thing you should be focused on when you retire is what to do with your free time. Whether it’s traveling, volunteering, or spending more time with your grandchildren, your retirement should be a relaxing stage in your life. The best way to secure this future and ensure you’ll have the income to sustain a comfortable lifestyle is to follow a proper retirement plan.

At Independence Financial Advisors, we understand that retiring is a big decision, and that maximizing benefits such as social security and pensions with retirement assets is crucial to the success of a retirement plan. Through a team approach and the use of advanced software, we are able to help clients through the process and create a retirement plan that meets their financial needs, leading to a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle in their golden years.

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A retirement question we usually get is, “When should I start saving?” The answer: today. At Independence Financial Advisors, we recommend that our clients begin saving as soon as they begin receiving regular paychecks. Through compounding, the little money you put away today will result in higher returns come retirement.

Between Roth IRAs and employer-sponsored savings plans, there are many retirement investment options available. We understand that choosing the right plan can seem daunting. That’s why our team at Independence Financial Advisors will work alongside you to guide you through the selection process, so you can feel confident when selecting your savings solution. Through education and collaboration with our trusted advisors, you can begin taking the necessary steps toward securing your financial future and a comfortable retirement.

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You’ve climbed the ladder and gained enough experience to establish yourself in your career. You’re earning significantly more than you did when you started working and your finances have become more predictable and stable. At this point in your working life, you’ve entered what we at Independence Financial Advisors refer to as the “wealth building years.” It’s during this stage in your life that we recommend taking full advantage of the savings options available to you.

Whether it’s increasing the contributions to your retirement funds, or reinvesting some of your earnings into diversified portfolios, you can trust that the professionals at Independence Financial Advisors have the expertise to guide you and your family through your financial decisions. Through the utilization of our powerful financial planning software, our clients are able to fully understand their financial options and make decisions that best align with their long-term financial goals.

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Managing your finances in retirement differs slightly from when you were earning an income. It’s important to ensure a management strategy is in place and followed, to guarantee financial security for years to come.

At Independence Financial Advisors, we recommend working with our retirement professionals to discuss investment opportunities and design spending plans to ensure you can maintain the comfortable lifestyle you’ve worked your whole life to enjoy. When you plan with Independence Financial Advisors, you not only get a better return on your investments, you get a better return on life.

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Your last day at work is quickly approaching. Your retirement is just around the corner. It’s not uncommon to worry if you’ve saved enough or to wonder if there is more you can be doing to prepare for the next stage in life.

At Independence Financial Advisors, our retirement experts will work with you to guide you through all available investment opportunities, discuss any financial concerns you may have, and develop plans tailored to your specific needs. In addition, our powerful financial planning software allows our clients to conduct risk tolerance analyses to visualize their financial future: a great retirement transition tool.

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