Investment Management

Managing your investments is not your full time job, but it is ours. Investment management differs from simply having investments. It means an investment strategy is constructed specifically to satisfy your investment requirements, risk profile and time horizons. Appropriate investments are selected for your needs, and the portfolio is continually monitored with asset reallocation to anticipate and accommodate changes in your objectives and the overall investment environment.

Independence Financial Advisors offers professionally managed investment portfolios. Our investment professionals use a selection of individual stocks, bonds, insurance products and mutual funds in a variety of investment strategies designed to meet your stated investment objectives. Our professionals make the intricate and important decisions to create your customized portfolio. The assets are proactively managed and are monitored on a daily basis with rebalancing of the portfolio when necessary. In addition, portfolio allocation is established by Independence Financial Advisor's investment committee based on current and long-term forecasts of the markets. Individual stock and bond allocation and mutual fund changes are made from time to time based on performance, market conditions, your needs, and the latest economic research.

To access your assets under management online using your custom User ID and PIN, simply click on the link below. To request access to your accounts, contact us.

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