GML Financial Advisory, LLC


Now part of the Independence Financial Advisors family!

For more than 20 years, Glenn M. Lepene has been helping clients manage their investments, grow their assets and plan for the future.

Mindful of the responsibilities he carries for clients’ financial well-being, 2014 was spent working on a long-term strategy for Glenn’s eventual transition into retirement.  A transition that ensured the best service and outcomes for GML Financial Advisory Services clients was of utmost importance.

Glenn Lepene and Mike Ventura, President & CEO of IFA are pleased to announce that GML Financial Advisory Services, LLC is now part of the Independence Financial Advisors, LLC (IFA) family. IFA is an affiliate of Franklin Savings Bank, one of our state’s most respected community banks, serving Central and Southern New Hampshire.

IFA is unique in that it provides customized planning for clients through a network of independent experts. GML becoming part of the IFA family is a perfect transition; both companies share the same values and philosophies about financial planning. Additionally, GML clients now have access to additional resources (including informative seminars & workshops and a helpful online Knowledge Center) to help them meet their financial and lifetime goals.

To learn more about IFA, start by clicking here.

Over the upcoming years, Glenn Lepene will continue to be directly involved with advising clients, serving their needs from the South Main Street, Rochester Office.  Kathy and Denise, familiar faces in Rochester, continue to work alongside Glenn.  They are joined by IFA Vice President, Paul W. Gatehouse, who brings additional expertise to the team.

GML Advisory Services, LLC is both pleased and excited to be joining forces with IFA to continue to receive the personal attention, service and expertise deserved – and expected.

We are here for you; please call on us at (603) 335-0206, ext. 1901 or email

Mike Ventura, President & CEO
Direct line: 603-934-8373

Glenn M. Lepene, Executive Vice President
Certified Financial Planner™
Direct line: 603-335-0206, ext. 1901

Paul W. Gatehouse, Vice President
Direct line: 603-335-0206, ext. 1878

Wayne E. Gregoire, Estate Planner
Direct line: 603-335-0946

Kathleen Henry, Administrative Assistant
Direct line: 603-335-0206, ext. 1902

Denise Lapointe, Administrative Assistant
Direct line: 603-335-0206, ext. 1903